Edinburgh-based Ingleby Gallery has produced a quick short on the abstract painter, Callum Innes. Here, the Turner Prize nominee opens up his studio and delivers some personal insights regarding his practice.

Best known for his 1998 “Exposed” paintings, Innes’ works are often characterized by his brush style, attention to color gradients and form. Speaking in the video, he remarks on the importance of light and luminosity within his work, and why he rejects the term “un-painting.”

“Actually, it is painting,” Innes says in the clip. “I am applying pigment and color all the time and I’m removing it and leaving the remnants of each layer.”

Currently, Innes has five paintings on display at this year’s Art Basel Hong Kong and is preparing to open the new Ingleby Gallery space in Edinburgh on May 12. The occasion will mark 20 years since the painter first opened the art space.

For more on Callum Innes and Ingleby gallery, check out the video above.

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  • Main & Featured Image: Ingleby Gallery
Words by Candice Nembhard
Staff Writer

A Berlin-based gal from Brum.