Cam Newton—the touchdown celebrations, the dabs, the trash talk — yeah, that’s him, but as with all of us, there’s so much more behind the all-pro quarterback. At the ripe age of 28, Newton is a man of the people. He’s a father, philanthropist, artist, creative director—the list goes on.

To the casual observer, Newton is a larger-than-life (in more ways than one) football player. Standing at six feet, five inches tall and weighing in at 245 pounds, the former Heisman winner is a mammoth human being, especially considering the position he plays—star quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. So while he is no doubt physically intimidating, and can dish out his fair share of tough guy antics, Newton is gentle at heart, with a passion for giving to children and more specifically, helping anyone in need.

This past week, we flew out to the former Auburn Tiger’s hometown of Atlanta to see exactly what an off-field Cam Newton is like. The event was put on by Under Armour, one of Newton’s sponsors, surrounding the unveiling of his new C1N Trainer.

The early part of the day consisted of an event for the local Boys and Girls Club, which is what Newton is all about, even moreso now that he’s a fairly new father himself. If you watch the one-time (so far) NFL MVP suit up for the Panthers on Sundays, then you’ve probably caught on to his ritual of gifting a football to a young fan each time he scores a touchdown. This isn’t for show, however. Newton knows just how important it is to provide love and attention to those who are most impressionable.

On top of to his many appearances and charitable contributions, Newton also heads up a seven-on-seven football league for youth. Here, he is very hands-on with the players, doing his best to mentor and provide them with a positive influence.

In switching gears to his involvement with Under Armour, Newton has been with the brand since he left Auburn in 2011. Now, he’s as hands on as he’s ever been, actively designing his new off-field shoe, the aforementioned C1N.

It’s no secret that “Super Cam” is all about outlandish fashion, whether it’s hats that add eight inches to his already-staggering frame, or a denim jacket that he himself has customized. So when it came to his new sneaker with UA—well—it had to be next level, and undeniably fashion forward.

One of the main concepts behind the shoe is that it can be worn straight from the training facility to a night out on the town with friends. Get you one that can do both, right?

Ask any member of the Under Armour design team and they’ll tell you they didn’t simply come up with the shoe and say: “Hey Cam, you’re wearing this now.”

Newton was all-in during the design process, providing insight and direction. When it comes to the colorway releases, he insists that each scheme hold a specific meaning, telling a more in-depth story. In short, that’s just Cam Newton; everything is done with a purpose.

Now back to the UA event. When transitioning from the unveiling of the C1N, which was held in a room that showcased multiple works of art by Newton himself—and after he addressed a slew of questions from the media—we all made our way to a larger banquet style area, with him in tow, to enjoy some complementary cuisine and cocktails (the chicken and waffles were so fire, by the way). There, the star quarterback was surrounded by his son Chosen and his mother and girlfriend, as Newton ultimately ensured no cameras were pointed at his child’s face. Like we said before—he’s now a father first.

Newton didn’t just make an appearance at the afterparty and then sneak away. No, the 28-year-old pro athlete had to wait for his pal and fellow Atlanta native 2 Chainz to show up as the special guest performer. He continued to hang out and enjoy the showcase with the rest of us.

Following a few songs by 2 Chainz, it looked like the veteran rapper was calling it a night. Newton wasn’t having that though. So with cigar in hand, a noticeably more carefree Newton hopped on stage and insisted the DJ play some additional tracks from the Hair Weave Killer. Now, 2 Chainz couldn’t end his set even if he wanted to. This was all love, and he wouldn’t leave his buddy hanging.

So what happened next? Only the blossoming of rap’s newest heavy hitter duo: Cam Newton and 2 Chainz. While Super Cam was expectantly more of a hype man a la Dame Dash, he still made sure to rap along with every lyric he knew, bouncing around stage and posing with Chainz at a few key moments.

Clearly, he’s so much more than what we all see on Sundays. Cam Newton truly is a man of the people, with that million dollar smile.

For those of you interested in Newton’s new Under Armour C1N sneaker, you’ll be able to purchase the $120 USD shoe beginning July 20.

Now check out Cam Newton’s new Under Armour C1N sneaker.

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