Today, millions of Americans are heading home to celebrate Thanksgiving. While the holiday is a time to bond over good food, for many the extended family time and awkward dinner conversations might not exactly be something to be thankful for. Thankfully, California cannabis company Kiva Confections has something to take the edge off. It has created a Thanksgiving turkey gravy loaded with THC.

The company claims its sauce “is made with cutting-edge technology that bypasses edibles’ normally lengthy trip through the liver.” Instead, this cannabis gravy apparently “absorbs into the soft tissue and stomach” and promises the high will kick in within “a groundbreaking two to 15 minutes.”

Kiva believes this cheeky take on a Thanksgiving staple is the answer to that “awkward family dinner conversation.” The single-serving packet of gravy includes classic ingredients turkey stock, garlic, onion, salt and of course 10 mg of THC. To get in on the holiday cheer you can shop a limited run of gravy packets exclusively at Sweet Flower shops in Los Angeles and Grass Roots in San Francisco.

Words by Sarah Osei
Staff Writer