The Tav Group recently designed a 250 square meter home in the Haifa District in Israel for social activists. The house was created with all natural and environmentally friendly materials, the most interesting and talked about feature of the home is the walls which are made from cannabis.

The group aimed to use no concrete and their substitute was hampcrete which is made from hemp hurds and hydraulic lime. The casting process is similar to the way concrete is casted, and provides solid insulation as well, which is very necessary when living in a country like Israel. These heavy materials decrease overheating in extreme conditions. An earth based plaster is then put over the cannabis walls to secure a sturdier exterior.

This is the first time hempcrete has been used in Israel, and is quickly becoming a new alternative to concrete walls because of how natural and sustainable it is. The home also has  solar panels and a system put in place to ecologically source heat, water, and ventilation.

The Tav Group is really paving a way for future and current architects by raising the bar and influencing what's next in the business, by making homes in a more natural manner.

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