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To provide you guys with a better look at some of the best underrated brands of 2016, which were voted on in our recent Highsnobiety Crowns segment, we took to Capsule Show in New York for a bit of exclusive photography.

Accordingly, here we showcase upcoming seasonal deliveries from the likes of The Incorporated, Manta Ops, Used Future and Sisyphe, so that you’ll have a more precise feel for these labels, especially in terms of future collections.

After taking a look at what’s in store for the four burgeoning outfits, be sure to let us know which brand you’re into most, courtesy of our in-house imagery.

The Incorporated 

The Incorporated (Gold) is a West Coast brand that brings together streetwear and vintage. Its gear incorporates repurposed military surplus gear, oversized cuts, and DIY screen printing.

Manta Ops 

Manta Ops (Silver) is a Seattle-based brand that uses its collections to explore personal relationships and modern life. It’s all black pieces are the background for its striking graphics and slogans.

Used Future 

Used Future (Bronze) is a Korean brand that takes its inspiration from youth culture to create its bold and fun aesthetic. Its colorful collections of menswear staples included everything from outerwear to tracksuits.


Sisyphe (Editor’s Choice) is “no season clothing for outsiders and the youth of tomorrow.” The Madrid-based brand is conceptualizing unisex streetwear through its luxe fabrics and romantic aesthetic.

Words by Brian Farmer
Managing Editor

Brian Farmer is Highsnobiety's Managing Editor and is based in New York City.