Cardi B is the latest celebrity to play 73 Questions with Vogue. In the video above, the rapper discusses politics, her new album, her marriage with Offset, and how Beyoncé taught her a life lesson.

While at her grandmother's house in the Bronx, Cardi opened up about motherhood and why she apologized for wanting to be pregnant again. "It's because of my fans," Cardi explains, "They want a new album and so many other things in the world that won't be able to get done if I'm pregnant."

After putting her daughter Kulture to sleep, the Bronx native also discussed her love for Bernie Sanders, calling him a "natural humanitarian." Cardi B then FaceTimed her husband Offset and discussed her relationship with him. "I love that I feel secure with him," Cardi reveals, "He makes me feel protected... I love him bigger than my ass, and my ass is big." She also revealed that her new album will be "spicy" and "controversial."

Elsewhere, the rapper touched on how Beyoncé indirectly taught her a lesson about not caring about what the world says. "I heard she only allows herself to feel bad for one day," Cardi says. "So I only give myself one day to feel bad for myself. Then I go back to work and not giving a fuck."

Cardi B's Vogue interview follows her recent freestyle, where she gave fans a little taste of her new album.

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