In case you haven't heard, YouTube star Casey Neistat and his viral video blog are back. Accordingly, here we find the 36-year-old creative reviewing Samsung's recently unveiled Galaxy S8 for his latest upload. For what it's worth, however, Neistat has done some work for Samsung in the past, as he admits, so you may want to take his opinion here with a grain of salt.

In short, though, Casey confesses that he is quite impressed with the new Galaxy S8+, saying it's almost the phone he's been waiting for since he was a kid. Here you'll in turn find him comparing the new device with Apple's iPhone 7 Plus.

Neistat quickly notices that the S8 has significantly more screen in comparison to the iPhone 7, as the 7 also gets somewhat pixelated as you zoom in, while the S8 remains silky smooth. Next, he of course tests out the cameras for each phone, although he was forced to do so indoors, as the S8 is not available to the public as of yet.

But to hear all of Casey Neistat's thoughts on Samsung's new Galaxy S8, simply press play above.

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