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Cult label Cav Empt recently partnered with Dazed to unveil their forthcoming Fall/Winter 2016 collection. In addition to previewing the new range of goods, one-third of the brains behind the brand, Toby Feltwell, also detailed the FW16 delivery, discussed the origins of the brand, and delved into the term “streetwear” while speaking with the publication.

Feltwell even divulged where the Cav Empt name came from: “The character Pat Conley in Philip K Dick’s “Ubik” has psychic powers that allow her to change the past, and she has “caveat emptor” (buyer beware) tattooed on her shoulder. The first thing we did was a Ubik homage T and Sk8thing put “CAV EMPT” on the shoulders.”

As far as the Fall/Winter ’16 collection, Toby reveals that they were “influenced by the feeling that the political and economic framework for organizing society is open for discussion again, when until recently it was a closed book for the majority of society. With that in mind we look for clues in all of our usual areas of interest: films, magazines, book, records.” In particular, Feltwell and company looked to a book called The Invention of Morel.

Additionally, Feltwell’s interview also includes a discussion on the resurgence and influence of grime music. For the entire conversation, follow on over to Dazed, and of course take a look at Cav Empt’s FW16 lookbook, landing in stores in July, above.

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