Now that CBD comes in all shapes and sizes, it's overwhelming to choose the best form to consume it in. For us, there's nothing better than an experience where you can really taste what's hitting you though. In honor of 420, Highsnobiety editors Sydney Gore and Noah Thomas hosted a taste test like you've never witnessed before.

With nothing but CBD beverages on the menu, these amateur cannabis sommeliers put their taste buds to the ultimate test as they clinked their glasses and critiqued the salivating flavors of Sprig, Recess, Cloud Water, Sweet Reason and VYBES. Wondering which CBD beverage is the cream of the crop? You'll have to watch the full video to find out.

For more information on all of the brands, revisit our in-depth guide to the CBD beverage market. While you're here, revisit our High End documentary about the luxury weed world.

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