Have you ever wondered how many of your social media followers are fake? It's pretty much common knowledge that they exist, but the percentage of fake followers — especially for larger celebrity accounts — is mind boggling.

ICMP recently shared its latest report highlighting the amount of fake followers celebrities have. According to the investigation, Ellen DeGeneres currently has the largest percentage of fake Instagram followers in the showbiz category, listed at 58%. Korean boy band BTS comes in at number two with 48%, while Kourtney Kardashian is third with 49%, followed by Taylor Swift's 49% and Ariana Grande's 46%.

Other notable celebrities in the showbiz category with a large amount of fake Instagram followers are Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian each with 44%, Miley Cyrus with 45%, and Drake with 38%.

In addition to showbiz, ICMP includes a sports category, as Toni Kroos of Real Madrid has a fake Instagram following of 57%, ranking him number one overall across both categories.

To see the complete list of celebrities and their percentage of fake followers, follow here.

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