The Google Arts & Culture app is currently #1 on both the iOSApp Store and Google Play Store. One would think because people are trying to become cultured, but in reality it's to take a selfie.

The art app features a facial recognition system that will scan your face and match you to similar paintings and/or art from around the world. Despite the fact that the comparisons are often hilariously inaccurate and low-key insulting, the feature is extremely entertaining and addictive. Who doesn't want to feel like a piece of art, or like Rose in that one Titanic scene you could never watch as a kid?

Celebrities have also jumped on the art doppelganger train and have created many laugh out loud moments on our timelines.

To keep this interesting trend going, we had to download the app and give it a go. We've decided to create some of our own art doppelgängers using our favorite celebrities. See what Kanye West, Bella Hadid, Virgil Abloh, Jaden Smith, and more would look like as a famous painting below.

Kim Kardashian / "Dayang Makiling" by Abe Orobia

Justin Timberlake / "Portrait of William" by Jan Antonisz van Ravesten

Cardi B / Rahmaan Statik

Pharrell Williams / "Portrait of Yi Byeong-sun" by Chae Yong-sin

Jaden Smith / "Twaalfarige Christus in de tempel" by Jan van Troyen

Bella Hadid / "One summer afternoon" by Clewin Harcourt

Virgil Abloh / "Smile South Central" by Annie Preece & Jules Mock

Lil Xan / "Les Sabots" by François Boucher

Gucci Mane / "Portrait of a Sudanese Gentleman" by Ibrahim El Salahi

A$AP Rocky / "Somali Woman" by Pranas Domšaitis

Eminem / "Edward McKnight Kauffer" by Raymond McIntyre

Lastly, Kanye West's art doppelgänger is himself, of course.

Kanye West / Kai Aspire

In other news, these bleached Levis x Air Jordan IVs are a thing of beauty.

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