The Google Arts & Culture app is currently #1 on both the iOSApp Store and Google Play Store. One would think because people are trying to become cultured, but in reality it’s to take a selfie.

The art app features a facial recognition system that will scan your face and match you to similar paintings and/or art from around the world. Despite the fact that the comparisons are often hilariously inaccurate and low-key insulting, the feature is extremely entertaining and addictive. Who doesn’t want to feel like a piece of art, or like Rose in that one Titanic scene you could never watch as a kid?

Celebrities have also jumped on the art doppelganger train and have created many laugh out loud moments on our timelines.

It’s called art, sweetie

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In a surprising twist… #googleartsandculture

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To keep this interesting trend going, we had to download the app and give it a go. We’ve decided to create some of our own art doppelgängers using our favorite celebrities. See what Kanye West, Bella Hadid, Virgil Abloh, Jaden Smith, and more would look like as a famous painting below.

Kim Kardashian / “Dayang Makiling” by Abe Orobia

Justin Timberlake / “Portrait of William” by Jan Antonisz van Ravesten

Cardi B / Rahmaan Statik

Pharrell Williams / “Portrait of Yi Byeong-sun” by Chae Yong-sin

Jaden Smith / “Twaalfarige Christus in de tempel” by Jan van Troyen

Bella Hadid / “One summer afternoon” by Clewin Harcourt

Virgil Abloh / “Smile South Central” by Annie Preece & Jules Mock

Lil Xan / “Les Sabots” by François Boucher

Gucci Mane / “Portrait of a Sudanese Gentleman” by Ibrahim El Salahi

A$AP Rocky / “Somali Woman” by Pranas Domšaitis

Eminem / “Edward McKnight Kauffer” by Raymond McIntyre

Lastly, Kanye West’s art doppelgänger is himself, of course.

Kanye West / Kai Aspire

In other news, these bleached Levis x Air Jordan IVs are a thing of beauty.

Words by Kyle Hodge
Staff Writer

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