Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to call out Netflix's latest film, Bright. The modern-thiller, which stars Will Smith, attempts to depict race relations between cops and orcs.

In a Twitter thread posted last night, the Chicago rapper called the film "shallow," reaching out to his followers to ask if the story went far enough to illustrate racial issues faced in America today. Chance also went on to say that he believes racial allegories are not effective in these instances, as they barely scratch the surface of systemic racism.

Commenting further on the film's eradication of racism, the rapper stated he felt cheated. Check out some of Chance's thoughts below.

Currently, there's been no official response from producer David Ayer, but fans of Chance have since responded. Let us know what you think of his thoughts below and in case you missed it, refresh yourself with the official trailer for Bright.

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