Chance the Rapper appeared in last night's episode of Carpool Karaoke and drove around Los Angeles with The Late Late Show host James Corden, singing tracks like "Hot Shower" and "No Problem." Watch above.

The pair discussed a number of topics during the drive including how Chance handles receiving subpar guest verses. "In most of those cases I just don't put the song out at all," he says, "because I'm so non-confrontational. At first I call them and I'm like, 'You did an amazing job on this verse,' and then I play the waiting game. When the album comes out I'm like, 'Yo, sorry you didn't make it.'"

Elsewhere in the video, they talk about Chance's famous aversion to vegetables. "I read that the only greens you eat is lettuce on a burger," Corden says, before whipping out a box of veg, blindfolding Chance. He proceeds to make the rapper eat different items and guess what they are. "Yo fuck this," Chance says, taking a bite of celery. "Is this a dick in my hand?" he asks when handed a cucumber. Watch the hilarious moment take place in the video above.

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