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Yesterday, Chance the Rapper re-released his mixtapes Acid Rap and 10 Day on streaming services, but unfortunately “Juice” is missing.

The popular track was left off Acid Rap due to a clearance issue. It samples “Jealous Guy” by Donny Hathaway, originally written by John Lennon. Since Lennon’s death, samples of his work are rarely approved.

While the name “Juice” does appear as track 5 on the mixtape, it’s actually a 30-second clip of Chance explaining why the song isn’t there: “I really wanted ‘Juice’ to be on the mixtape, but I couldn’t get it cleared in time.” Instead, all streaming proceeds from the replacement clip will go to his nonprofit SocialWorks.

However, because it’s only 30 seconds long, listeners need to play the song more than once for any payment to accumulate. So, as Chance says, you have to “run this back, and play it all the way through.”

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