With news of Chance the Rapper potentially dropping new music this summer, we’ve gathered everything you need to know to about his highly anticipated follow up to Coloring Book.

A Chance the Rapper Twitter dispatch on March 20 reveals he's planning a US tour after his "owbum"drops, with European festival dates already scheduled in July. Chance mentioned dates in New York, Atlanta, LA, a "festival in Chicago," Seattle, Houston, St. Louis, and Miami. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, so stay tuned for more information.

Released in 2016, Coloring Book became the first streaming-only album to reach the top 10 of the Billboard 200. The album debuted and peaked at No. 8 back in June 2016, with 57.3 million streams. The album also received numerous Grammy nominations, taking home historic wins for Best New Artist, Best Rap Album, and Best Rap Performance at the 2017 award show.

In the time since, Chance has been quietly crafting his next solo work and a collaborative project with Childish Gambino. Building on the much anticipated hype, Chance dropped four new tracks, “Work Out,” “Wala Cam,” “I Might Need Security,” and “65th and Ingleside,” in July to tide fans over.

“I Might Need Security” is a bop, but it's still no album though. As fans eagerly wait for the next Chance album, take a look at our rundown of everything we know so far.

Release Date:

According to a tweet and Instagram post, Chance has indicated the new record will arrive in July 2019.

The album was initially rumored to be dropping in July 2018, which would've aligned perfectly with Kanye West's seven track G.O.O.D. album run. However, Chance took to Twitter to dispel the rumors, but reassured fans that he's "been in the stu tho."

Album Title / Album Artwork:

There's still no news on what the album will be called or what the cover art will look like. However, Chicago artist Brandon Breaux is responsible for each of Chance the Rapper's impactful, vivid mixtape covers. So, it would be no surprise if the two collab once more.

Potential Features / Collaborators:

Kanye West will definitely be making an appearance on the album, at least behind the mic anyway. While making a trip to his hometown of Chicago, Ye revealed that he was in the city working on Chance's new album.

The rap duo was also captured making music in Wyoming with Mike Dean and Rick Rubin. In a new interview with the Chicago Tribune, Chance discussed their music-making experience in Wyoming stating, “We’re up in the mountains around these wild animals -- it’s very different out there -- and we got some music done, and then he asked me if he could do an album with me.” He further explains, “I don’t know of a timeline on it yet, the trajectory of it, but he’s coming here to work on it some more. We’ve just started making it, but I don’t want to manipulate the situation and impose any time frame, because that can hinder you.”

Chance has also revealed that he's working with Childish Gambino on music and a potential collaborative project. Speaking about the Gambino collab on Complex's Open Late in June 2018, Chance revealed, “We’ve got six songs that are all fire, but I think the album is going to be more than 14 songs.”


On May 14, Chance dropped an incredible teaser for a new song, initially teased in April, that will hopefully drop sooner rather than later. It seems like it's produced by Murda Beats. Check it out below.

During Complex's Open Late interview from June 2018, the Chicago rapper revealed that the album will have the same seven track format that Kanye has made popular earlier this year. Only time will tell if the 'owbum' will be that length.

Stay tuned for more news on Chance the Rapper's next album as it will surely come sooner than later.

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