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Chanel has filed a $56 million lawsuit against an eBay seller named Ryan Ladijinsky, alleging that he has been selling trademarked perfumes and makeup products, reports The Fashion Law. The issue isn’t that the goods are counterfeit but that Ladijinsky isn’t an authorized seller and that the wares he has been selling are packaged incorrectly and aren’t meant for sale.

According to the suit, Ladijinsky was selling “used goods, goods that were never intended for sale, and/or goods lacking any packaging or product information,” including makeup testers, unboxed items, and used perfume. Chanel argues its packaging aids its “reputation as a premium brand.” The claim explains that authorized sellers are carefully vetted “to ensure a purchasing experience that matches the luxury image of the Chanel brand.”

Chanel claims that the goods being sold without their complete packaging are “materially different from the manner in which genuine Chanel products are sold,” and as such infringe United States trademark law.

Chanel has outlined 27 different trademarks that have allegedly been infringed, and are seeking punitive damages of more than $56 million due to what it calls Ladijinsky’s “willful infringement.”

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