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Last month, Charly Bliss set fire to the stereo with their sophomore album, Young Enough. The power pop project shows the New York band confronting some of life’s most distressing and unexpected twists head on with pure rage, positive energy, and even paralyzed joy. Today, we’re premiering the official music video for the celebratory title track. The Henry Kaplan-directed visual was inspired by the concept for Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” but depicts frontwoman Eva Hendricks “dancing through and wrestling with my own perception and understanding of a painful experience.”

“The video takes place in a sort of dream world where time is non-linear and constantly speeding up and slowing down. Henry Kaplan did an incredible job of translating the reflective aspects of the song into a video that’s both beautiful and bizarre,” she told us in an email. “The video was choreographed by the incredible Derek Nemechek and I was so lucky to get to dance with Michaela Marie Pickett and Chloe Voltairo, who act as guardian angels whenever my character gets too lost in time.”

More than anything, the visual might provide some comfort so we can all approach those dark moments with a little more clarity. Scroll down for our Q&A with the band to learn more about the song after you watch the whole video unfold above.

How would you say that you have evolved both personally and professionally between Guppy and Young Enough?

Eva Hendricks: “Once Guppy came out, I think we all achieved a new level of confidence in ourselves and in the band. It felt so good to finally get our first record out and to have people connect with it. We all tend to doubt ourselves, but once Guppy was out and we were touring so much and seeing people sing along with us every night, it felt kind of silly to still feel stuck in a place of insecurity. We all started to let ourselves enjoy it more, and I think you can really hear that on Young Enough.”

“Young Enough” is the title track of your sophomore album, so how exactly did it come about? Also, what made you feel like it should carry the name of the record?

Sam Hendricks: “I was lucky enough to attend several of the LCD Soundsystem shows from a residency they did in Brooklyn back in 2017. I’ve always been fascinated by James Murphy’s ability to take an idea and stretch it out into a sometimes 7 or 8 minute song that keeps you totally engaged the entire time, and after seeing the show I was extremely inspired to take that style of writing and apply it to a Charly Bliss song.

I wanted to take the most basic idea I could come up with – an unchanging quarter note guitar pattern – and build a song around it that feels like it takes you on an emotional journey even though the spine of the song is so simple. Eva and I worked closely together throughout the songwriting process and even though it wasn’t always easy, getting to collaborate on that level made it all the more rewarding once we finally finished the song. ‘Young Enough’ serves as a lyrical and musical centerpiece to the record so it seemed fitting to also be the title track.”

Can you talk me through the story behind this song?

EH: “‘Young Enough’ is a song about my first major relationship and falling in love for the first time. It was a very dramatic, on-again-off-again courtship and I wrote about being frustrated by it a lot on ‘Guppy.’ On this record however, I spent a lot of time writing about a different relationship, one that was abusive and manipulative, and I think in doing so, it gave me tremendous perspective.

This song always sounded to me like a song that would come at the end of a movie, so I wanted to approach it that way lyrically as well. If my life was a movie, and “the end” is me writing lyrics for this record, the biggest journey would be letting go of the idea that pain is at all associated to meaning in a relationship. Instead of feeling resentful that this relationship ultimately failed, I felt really grateful for the fact that I loved someone a lot who loved me back even though we could never get it together. I also felt really grateful for the fact that I don’t buy into the idea that being in love with someone should justify destructive and hurtful behavior anymore. It’s a nostalgic and forgiving song about letting someone go.”

The line that really grabs me is “I am diving to drown in you.” It reminded me of how The Pattern constantly drags me about not having boundaries in my romantic relationships when I’m in too deep. Also, there’s this episode in the last season of Bojack Horseman where Bojack makes this dark declaration about constantly feeling like you’re drowning and other people are sinking with you.

EH: “Thats awesome! That line to me is about admitting the fact that I played a part in wanting to lose myself in someone else. They seemed so beautiful and larger than life to me and I just wanted to abandon myself and disappear as far inside them as possible.”

What’s the reception been like to this particular track?

SH: “It’s been pretty unbelievable so far. As someone who found it very difficult to show anyone their music for a long time it makes it even more special knowing that a song we’re all so proud of is really resonating with people. We’re just so honored and happy to be in a position to make music that has a positive impact on people and we hope we can continue to make our fans proud.”

Why do you think so many of us fall into romanticizing toxic and abusive relationships when we’re younger? Why is pain often misconstrued as a sign of love?

EH: “I’ve thought about this a lot, and I think part of it is that books and movies and TV shows made for teenagers (and adults) really glorify this type of relationship, and the idea of falling in love against all odds!! I love teen movies, probably in part because of this narrative, but when I think of my favorite fictional romances – Buffy and Angel, Edward and Bella, Cathy and Heathcliff, Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper, Carrie and Big, etc. – they’re all about these tortured characters who are often miserable together but constantly holding out for brief moments of euphoria and ecstatic declarations of love. I fucking fall for it every time! Why wouldn’t I also seek that out in my real life? I also think it’s just something that’s part of growing up and something that we all need to go through and get out of our systems (hopefully). The trick is knowing when to grow out of it.”

Was making this album a cathartic process for you? It’s really heavy and complex material, but bursts with powerful waves of energy at the same time. How do you feel now that it’s out in the world?

EH: “Making this album was so cathartic. I was able to articulate so many thoughts and feelings in these songs before I was able to voice them to myself or to my friends and family. It’s felt really powerful to turn something that used to feel untouchably terrifying and depressing into something explosive and sparkly and bigger than myself. I feel so grateful to be in a band with my brother and my best friends who made this record with me and supported me through every aspect of the experience. We made a record that we all feel so proud of and it means so much to see people connecting with it at our shows and on the internet.”

Generally speaking, how do you measure your growth as a human being?

EH: “By the quality of the people around me, my ability to set and maintain boundaries, by the music we’re making, and my ability to feel comfortable with my personality and my choices.”

What’s next for Charly Bliss?!

EH: “We are touring nonstop for the foreseeable future and doing our absolute best to take over the world!”

Catch Charly Bliss on tour this summer in the following cities:

June 12 – Detroit, MI @ Loving Touch *
June 14 – Cincinnati, OH @ Top Cats *
June 15 – Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall *
June 16 – Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry *
June 18 – Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater *
June 19 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge *
June 21 – Portland, OR @ Holocene *
June 22 – Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile *
June 24 – Oakland, CA @ The New Parish *
June 27 – Los Angeles, CA @ Lodge Room *
June 28 – Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction *
June 29 – San Diego, CA @ The Casbah *
June 30 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Rebel Lounge *
July 2 – Dallas, TX @ Cambridge Room (House of Blues) *
July 3 – Austin, TX @ Stubb’s BBQ Indoors *
July 5 – Houston, TX @ Bronze Peacock (House of Blues) *
July 6 – New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa *
July 7 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade Purgatory *
July 9 – Nashville, TN @ Mercy Lounge *
July 11 – New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall ^
July 12 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom *
July 19-21 – Wooyung, Australia @ Splendour in the Grass
July 23 – Sydney, AUS @ Lansdowne
July 26 – Montreal, QC @ Montreal 77
July 27 – East Providence, RI @ Roadblock Festival
August 30-September 1 – Philadelphia, PA @ Made In America Festival
September 18-22 – Lincoln, NE @ Lincoln Calling
October 7 – Victoria, BC @ Capitol Ballroom ~
October 8 – Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theatre ~
October 9 – Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theatre ~
October 11 – Calgary, AB @ MacEwan Hall ~
October 13 – Saskatoon, SK @ Coors Event Centre ~
October 14 – Winnipeg, MB @ The Garrick Centre ~
October 17 – Kingston, ON @ The Ale House ~
November 4 – Brighton, UK @ Patterns
November 5 – Cardiff, UK @ 10 Feet Tall
November 6 – London, UK @ Scala
November 7 – Manchester, UK @ The Deaf Institute
November 8-10 – Benidorm, ES @ Primavera Weekender
November 14 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Foundry *

* w/ Emily Reo
~ w/ PUP

Words by Sydney Gore
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