The final episode of Chernobyl aired last night and, as well as being met with wild applause throughout the Twittersphere, it's officially now the highest rated show in HBO history, Forbes reports.

For those of you not up on your HBO shows, that means that Chernobyl — a miniseries that documents the 1986 nuclear accident aka one of the worst man-made catastrophes ever — is ranked higher than Game of Thrones and The Wire.

Per Forbes' findings, the ratings have been pulled from IMDb, taking over 100,000 votes into account. The results are as follows:

Chernobyl (9.7 – 111,000 votes) Planet Earth II (9.5 – 71,000 votes) Band of Brothers (9.5 – 317,000 votes) Planet Earth (9.4 – 147,000 votes) Game of Thrones (9.4, 1,500,000 votes) Our Planet (9.4 – 10,000 votes) The Wire (9.3 – 244,000 votes) Cosmos (9.3 – 95,000 votes) Blue Planet (9.3 – 19,000 votes)

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