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Chol1 is Chile-based speciality company that peddles (wait for the pun) in something very particular: bike stand furniture. It’s a simple enough concept, and it stands to be a fairly effective storage answer in populace cities where many commuters choose two-wheels and a helmet over cars, buses or trains.

The company’s core assortment is comprised of a number of wooden pieces ranging from a minimalist couch to a desk, various sized tables, and stools. All of the systems accommodate most bicycle models through two (or in some cases one) special holding cavities that anchor the wheels in place. Depending on your personal taste, the idea of your furniture performing this kind of double duty may be off putting, and that’s understandable; a bike in the middle of a living room can certainly induce the feeling of being in a garage rather than a home.

However, we do think the act of combining an object as ungainly as a bike (which is hard-pressed to not look kind of awkward indoors, either way), with a signifier of home like furniture, creates a little bit of sculptural interplay. So instead of your bicycle merely being a nuisance you try to tuck behind a door somewhere, it becomes a fun focal point, and who knows, maybe even a conversation starter.

Prices start at $56 for the “B4NCA” stool and top out at $522 for the “S1LLÓN” couch.

See the rest of the assortment online here.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland