Christopher Kane has taken the ugly show trend to the next level. For his Fall/Winter 2018 show at London Fashion Week yesterday, the designer collaborated with orthopedic shoe brand Z-Coil on crystal-studded leather sneakers and sandals.

What really sets Z-Coil shoes apart from regular sneakers is the brand's Heelys-like cushion at the back, which aims to improve comfort and reduce pain (these are orthopedic shoes after all).

While for most people, the words orthopedic and sex don't usually go together, the collab was part of Kane's “joy of sex” collection, which according to Vogue was supposed to channel "something that Mrs. Robinson might wear.”

This isn't the first time Kane has taken on the ugly-shoe trend. Before Balenciaga released its platform Crocs, Kane collaborated with the divisive brand on crystal-studded Crocs for his Spring/Summer 2017 and 2018 shows.

In other style news, these Gore Tex jackets from The North Face x HYKE are on another level.

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