Unlikely collaborations have become a common thread in the fashion industry. So, when Christian Loboutin, the famed shoe designer associated with riotous color, announced a collaboration with an artist who works solely in black and white, it was hardly a surprise.

Well, that’s exactly what’s going down. Coinciding with the annual Art Basel Hong Kong, Louboutin joined forces with Australian artist CJ Hendry and Christian Louboutin and the result is a new exhibition entitled “Complimentary Colors”.

The show is comprised of a series of hyper-realistic drawings with blobs of thick oil paint as the subject. There’s a photo-realist quality to Hendry’s aesthetic, and she creates her work using 15 shades of pencil wax. Naturally, the result is stunning and it marks the fifth time that Christian Louboutin has collaborated with an artist.

It’s safe to say that CJ Hendry and Christian Louboutin are a harmonious union, and the resulting rainbow-like spectrum of artworks makes it the most breathtaking artist collaboration for the shoe designer to date.

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