You are truly doing yourself a major disservice if you haven't gone to see Skate Kitchen yet. The Crystal Moselle-directed independent film chronicles the lives of a real New York-based all-girl skate crew. Jaden Smith stars alongside the real members of the group who play themselves. An authentic coming-of-age story for Generation Z requires a killer soundtrack and Skate Kitchen does not fall short.

Indie pop singer Clairo is an ideal match for the badass project and really captures the emotional journey of the film's protagonist Camille (played by Rachelle Vinberg) and her desire to find a sense of belonging with her song "Heaven." In the accompanying music video, Clairo cutely pops up on the outskirts of a skate park while the girls all shred together. Regardless if you can skate, the tender visual will make you feel nostalgic for a slightly more awkward period in your life.

Watch all the action go down above. Skate Kitchen is out now in select theaters, check here for local listings. While you're here, revisit our recent interview with Moselle.

In other news, Kilo Kish provides a track by track breakdown for her 'Mothe' EP. Get all the details right here.

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