In response to heavy criticism and pressure, the Cleveland Indians will stop using their Chief Wahoo logo on game jerseys and caps starting in 2019, reports The New York Times.

Chief Wahoo, a cartoonish caricature of a Native American, first appeared on the Indians’ uniforms in 1948. While various groups across North America have appealed to the team to renounce the logo, but to no avail, over the past year the commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred, has pressured Cleveland’s chairman and chief executive Paul Dolan to make a change, and after discussions, the Indians will no longer sport the red-faced, smiling caricature during games.

Cleveland has already been using the logo less frequently, but beginning in 2019, it will not be seen at all on the team’s uniforms, banners and signs in the team’s stadium, Progressive Field. Interestingly, consumers will still be able to purchase items featuring the logo at the team’s souvenir shops in the stadium and at retail outlets in the northern Ohio market, however, those items will not be sold on MLB's website.

For additional details, be sure to read the full story on The New York Times.

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