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When Rick Met Shayne

“It may be a few months old, but this three-way interview between Purple Magazine, Rick Owens and Hood By Air’s Shayne Oliver is a gold mine of esotericism. Topics veer from drag queens to broken penises to death drops… and a bit of that boring fashion stuff, too. A fascinating bit of eavesdropping on two of contemporary fashion’s most unique and individual characters.” — Alec Leach

Not-So-Silent Knight

“Suge Knight has never exactly been the quiet type, but for a man with so many alleged (and proven) skeletons in his closet, he’s certainly not shy of the odd public statement. While he’s currently serving time behind bars on an irrefutable hit-and-run murder charge, The Daily Beast has tracked down a revealing interview from 13 years earlier with none other than Howard Stern. In it, Knight opens up about a number of notorious controversies – everything from the current Eazy-E AIDS debacle to allegations that Dr. Dre openly admitted being bisexual and that Snoop Dogg paid to become a card-carrying Crip. As ever, all claims should be taken with a Tony Montana-sized pinch of salt, but regardless, it’s an astonishing 45-minute confessional from this most ruthless of individuals.” – AJ Gwilliam

Serial’s “Killer?”

“If you’re one of the few people on Earth who hasn’t at least heard of the case of Adnan Syed, then you’ve evidently been hiding out in some dark woods of your own for the past year or so. The central focus of the most popular podcast ever created (that’s Serial, if you didn’t already know), Adnan’s conviction for murder has been the most hotly-contested cold case in living memory. And now, thanks to a shocking new piece of evidence, the whole thing looks set to kick off all over again, as one of the key pieces of evidence used to convict him has been blown wide open. Read more here.” — AJ Gwilliam

Jew-sey Shore

“Though technically the originator, “Jersey Shore” (the namesake program that put America onto the fist pumping antics of well-tanned “dirty Jersey” guidos and guidettes) is not entirely unique to America. In fact, you only have to look to Eastern Europe to find the roots of the movement, which now spans shorelines as far as Tel Aviv.  Marnie Sehayek over at Broadly explores the “ars” bros of Israel’s second largest coastal city, a world and party scene not dissimilar from the one made popular by MTV, but one that certainly deserves attention.” – Jeff Carvalho

Back to the Golden Era

“If you enjoyed our recent History of the Supermodel piece, and long for a return to the days of Cindy and Linda et al, indulge yourself for five minutes with this ever so tasteful reunion film from Nowness and legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh. Anyone who says they’ve not still got it must be blind.” — AJ Gwilliam 

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Words by AJ Gwilliam
Features Editor

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