Following the announcement of this year's Coachella lineup, The FADER has published an article disclosing that Philip Anschutz, CEO of AEG and owner of Golden Voice/Coachella, personally gave $187,300 USD to Republican candidates and Super PACs in 2017. The report comes after FADER's early 2017 disclosure of Anschutz's million-dollar donation to conservatives during the 2016 election.

As the publication points out, Anschutz gave $5,400 USD to pro-gun Senator Cory Gardner in March, as well as $2,700 USD to Senator Tipton — who opposes same sex marriage and abortion — and $5,400 USD to House member Mike Coffman — who also opposes abortion — in August.

In addition, Anschutz has personally divvied out $13,500 USD to Colorado conservatives and $138,000 USD to the National Republican Senate Committee via The Anschutz Corporation.

Other politicians who have received money from Anschutz include pro-life Nebraska senator Deb Fischer and Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House.

Such news is particularly conflicting as many of Coachella's performers have strong, opposing views in comparison to that of Republicans/conservatives. Follow over to The FADER for the entire story.

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