UPDATE March 4, 2018, 4:56 a.m. EST: A second teaser trailer for ‘Cobra Kai’ was released this weekend. Watch the new clip above, and revisit the original story featuring the first teaser trailer below.

The name “Cobra Kai” alone evokes memories of towheaded teenagers in the San Fernando Valley tormenting a newcomer who just wanted to fit it. Of course, that conflict resulted in the classic film, The Karate Kid, which pitted Daniel LaRusso against the ultimate ’80s bad guy, Johnny Lawrence, who donned the black gi for the notorious dojo, and which culminated in the events at the iconic “All Valley Karate Tournament.”

While remakes have become all the rage in Hollywood – even for The Karate Kid itself which was remade with Jaden Smith – YouTube Red has teased an expansion of the original 1984 story.

Dubbed Cobra Kai, both LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Lawrence (William Zabka) are back to resurrect the old dojo rivalry after the relative piece between them is broken after three decades.

“Johnny, you and I, this, we aren’t done,” LaRusso says.

Here’s hoping that the series will feature plenty of homages to the past like Mr. Miagi’s tutelage, dirt bike chases, and of course, that memorable phrase, “Sweep the leg!”

Cobra Kai debuts on YouTube Red later this year.

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Words by Alec Banks
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