coca cola signature mixers

Coca-Cola is catering to a more mature market with the launch of its new Signature Mixers. These beverages — developed alongside some of the world’s leading bartenders — are designed to be mixed with dark spirits, as they inject new, added flavors into the classic soda.

As dark mixers pair well with dark spirits, Coca-Cola’s Signature Mixers are perfect for whiskey and rum in particular — think Jack and Coke, Rum and Coke, and so on. Due to the rise in popularity of whiskey and rum, Coca-Cola is merely addressing the need for new mixers. The beverage manufacturer thus presents four flavors with Smoky, Spicy, Herbal, and Woody.

Smokey is designed to be paired with bourbon or aged rum, while Spicy is meant for Scotch whiskey, aged rum, and reposado tequila. Herbal then blends perfectly with cognac or Scotch whiskey, and Woody with bourbon, straight rye whiskey, and spiced rum.

Each of Coca-Cola’s signature mixers is showcased in a new version of the Hutchinson glass bottle, which came before the brand’s familiar contour bottle. The mixers are stamped and marked with the signature of the bartender responsible for the beverage.

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