If you love coffee, coke or any kind of caffeinated beverage, then you're next trip should be to Japan. Coca-Cola has just released Coca-Cola Coffee Plus, a drink with 50 percent more caffeine and 50 percent fewer calories.

The intriguing drink, which has been released as a vending machine exclusive, arrives in a 190ml can and has 34mg of caffeine. The coffee comes in the form of extract powder. According to Japanese website Shin-Shouhin, it doesn't smell like coke nor coffee. "To be frank, it’s not a very delicious aroma," notes the article, before going on to describe it as "curious" and "odd."

Coca-Cola Coffee Plus isn't the first coffee crossover from the brand. It previously released Coca-Cola BlāK in Europe and the United States.

Look out for the drink at vending machines if you're in Japan, and then get acquainted with Coca-Cola Plus.

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