Joining the cypto currency revolution has just gotten easier thanks to startup company Coinmine, as they introduce the first ever plug-in crypto device that simplifies the complex crypto mining process with Coinmine One.

Although the device might look like a sleek gaming system thanks to the sleek rectangular profile but its goal is to make it easy for anyone to earn cryptocurrency, anywhere, without having to learn a new skill set or invest the time and costs associated with getting started on crypto networks.

All users have to do is to plug in the device, and thanks to Coinmine's pre-installed proprietary operating system, users can simply open the compatible mobile app and choose the crypto network they want to power. From there, the Coinmine mobile app controls and keeps track of Coinmine One's activity. Users are then able to monitor mining activity, manage wallets, and change their preferred networks to mine on in a centralized dashboard.

Coinmine One retails for $799, and it's available for pre-order now on Coinmine's website. For more information, click the bar below.

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