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For Colin Caulfield, 2018 was all about establishing himself as a solo artist and detaching from the image he molded as one of the founding members of DIIV. Unlike the band’s signature shoegaze sound, Caulfield’s music has more of a soulful mod pop vibe to it. Today, we’re premiering the Nina Ljeti-directed video for his new single “Get To The Point.” Caulfield told us that the funky, feel-good song tells the story of “two people who really shouldn’t be together.”

“It’s about seeing the signs of a failing relationship early on and realizing you should just get to the point of it and end things,” he said. “But often this conviction doesn’t feel urgent. Instead, you dance along ignoring problems because even that can be fun. And it’s certainly better than being alone. Or at least that’s what you tell yourself.”

Ljeti brings that concept to life in the trippy visual that will certainly strike millennials with a pang of nostalgia from all the VHS effects on the old-school television screens. Stay tuned here for more from Caulfield and jam out to the video above.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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