As warmer moments come in go during this transitional period between winter and spring, it’s foolish to start thinking of lounging seaside when it’s sunny one day and snowing the next. However, if there’s one place on the internet that can keep you dreaming of vacation regardless of the conditions outside, it’s got to be Instagram. Packed with beach shots, bright cocktails and other sunny delights from all over the world (looking at you guy that appears to be on endless vacation), you can always count on the global social network to raise your spirits or send you down a spiral of holiday thirst in one fell swipe.

This time around we decided to focus on the former and bring you some color realness to help you get your fix of bright shades until the spring sun is in full swing and you can finally take your own colorful shots again. Your feed’s only as lit as the people you follow and a solid following of accounts is key in getting the most uplifting visuals out of IG.

From urban neons to playful portraits and pastel cityscapes, we present five Instagram accounts that pass the pigment test with flying colors. See them all below and make sure to hit that follow button if you like what you see and want more.

@alicemoireau for @iconelingerie

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Valentin Chenaille hails from Lyon, France and now resides in Paris. After honing his skills by working on a series of personal projects including still lives and intimate portraits, he broadened the scope of his practice with editorials for fashion brands and publications. Clearly, moving to the City of Love contributed to his sensible approach.

On first glance, we were caught off-guard by the fragile beauty of his body of work that reads equally as a study of light and as an ode to feminine sensuality. Valentin is currently in Vietnam working on brand new projects. Make to sure to follow his IG to find out what this French young blood has in store for us.

Istanbul in rain. Always beautiful. From my first visit in 10 years.

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There is something bemusing about the glow of neon lights. Both concealing and revealing, neon lights have the capacity to conjure magnetic and reflective imagery with electrifying flashes of color. As such, they’ve become the object of great attention in classic flicks like as Vertigo, Suspiria and Blade Runner, and in contemporary visuals gems like Enter the Void, Neon Demon and Good Time.

Despite seeing them abundantly in contemporary art and photography, it was hard for us to look away from Elsa Bleda’s luminous shots the first time we laid eyes on them. By using the psychological and stylistic function of neons in her contemplative photographs, she is shedding a new and distinct light on cities like Johannesburg and Istanbul.

Follow her account, sit back and immerse yourself in the futuristic beauty of her nightscapes.

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Weirdly enough what’s striking about the pictures of the Italian pair is not so much the choice of models or the clothes, it’s the narrative that retains the attention: enigmatic looks, color collision and unreadable body positions. By articulating their photography around the story, the duo infuses their pictures with surrealism, sometimes reminiscent of cinematic scene-making.

This ability to create odd and seductive imagery is undoubtedly what earned them prestigious collaborations with brands like Craig Green, Missoni and Fendi. Together, Stefano Colombini and Alberto Albanese just make perfect sense. They respectively have rich backgrounds – as Colombini’s forte is creative direction, Albanese’s are Fine Arts and photography. The result of this eclectic mix? A sophisticated series of portraits and landscapes that will appeal to the escapists and the fashion-savvy alike.

surreal life

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Already at that point of the year when all you think about is sipping cocktails and relaxing on sunny beaches? Might be a bit early for that, but we have a counter-offer to comfort you until your next vacation.

Hedonistic visions of summer take on a life of their own with Aryton Page. Scrolling on his IG is indeed like a trip on a remote island. Beach waves, cloudy skies and palm trees are recomposed, altered and stripped of the superfluous by the 28-year-old artist living in Hawaii, who has found a way to perfectly encapsulate the feeling of summer into a picture.

As warm as a ray of sun in August, his work reads as a collection of evocative pictures recycling the tropes of tropical dreamlands. We’ve been obsessing over his multi-colored minimalist compositions since we first discovered them.

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Rarely have pastel colors shone so brightly than in Nguan’s photography – which is probably why his Instagram and books have garnered a worldwide cult following over the years. In his pictures documenting the solitude of everyday life in the city, the secretive Singaporean photographer contrasts the languor of urban ennui with a bittersweet color palette. And if the technique has been reused by countless others since he first emerged on the scene in 2010, Nguan’s edge has been very natural: he only shoots during the last hours of daylight. The result of this strict method? It’s right before your very eyes.

With his sense of improvisation and composition, the cherished street photographer is giving life to a soft and melancholic imagery that you cannot help feeling absorbed by. His ravishing pictures of strangers, architecture and landscapes taken in cities like Tokyo, New York, Paris and Los Angeles is perfect when the constant buzz of life in big cities becomes unbearable. Nguan’s IG is a must-follow.

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