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Brooklyn’s Gentry shop is one of our favorite retail spots, stocking garments and accessories that strike just the balance between unique new finds and timeless essentials. Michael Baquerizo, manager of the fashion forward-thinking team over at Gentry spoke with us about their personal everyday style and why they swear by Converse Jack Purcell as one of their must-have essentials. Find out below.


Talk to us about the “Gentry” look and how personal style plays into this?

The Gentry look is based entirely around personal style. That may sound like a cop-out answer, but to be honest, we outfit a wide range of guys. For those without a huge bearing on their personal style, it is easy to keep things simple, with staple items in classic fits and colors. Those who have their style down, and often many do, they get to explore the depths of our selection and maintain a series of classic looks.


When thinking about Jack Purcell, most would start putting their
outfit look beginning with their sneakers, but today, the line offers a
full range of garments. Does the conversation now begin above the

To continue the analogy, it’s very important that a conversation has a point. If in the past, that point was a pair of sneakers, all that mattered was that the look was cohesive and based around the sneakers. Now, if someone wants to start with a jacket, make sure that it remains the center of attention; focus everything around the jacket and make it complementary. Often we see too many focal points, and as a result, the conversation’s point becomes diluted. Keeping it simple is something we all like to do here.


How is the Gentry man’s look different from the conventional shopper?

Because we appeal to a range of looks and customers, attention to detail defines the Gentry man. Armed with this perspective, his look can be altered by nuance, quality, and design. However, we do like to engage everyone because there is truly a lot to learn about the garments we carry and we enjoy passing on our passion to others.


Does personal creativity play a role in their decision making?

Entirely! The best thing about clothing is how many ways it can be worn. Even between the Gentry team, we all have a lot of the same pieces, but our perspectives vary so that the same things become different. The best part is that the same is true for our customers, and we are able to draw inspiration from them on a regular basis.


How does the new Jack Purcell fit into the Gentry man’s day-to-day?

The best part about a staple item is the ability to replace it. If we all spent too much time worrying about our brand new white sneakers, we would take each step a bit too carefully. The Jack Purcell is just that: a staple item; and even better is that while they look great brand new, they look even better beat up. All the more easy to enjoy your day first and worry about the condition of your sneakers last. While the same might not be exactly true about everything we carry, it is important for us to focus on the items that one can wear well and wear often.


If one was to start with an open white wall, what inspiration points would Gentry turn to to spark the creative torch?

As a small team, we generally have to put in a lot more effort to get a comparable end result to our competitors. We like it that way though, because it makes us that much more attached to a project as a whole, as opposed to being given a small task within a bigger picture.

As such, we like looking at bigger projects for inspiration. Be it magazine editorials, cinema, even other companies who have been around longer and seem to have a lot more experience. From there we determine what is within our means and just execute as best we can. The bigger projects push us to separate ourselves from anyone else. With that being said, our inspirations come from living in New York, from working in Brooklyn, and maybe the most, from each other.


Words by Staff