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General Motors

Car rides might just mean more screen time in the future. Chevrolet has unveiled some radical changes to its iconic Corvette, Bloomberg reports. Most notably: gear changes will now be made via touch screen.

The sports car, born in the 1950s, is getting a next-generation makeover in an effort to lure more younger buyers and wealthy sports-car buffs. Replacing manual transmission to technology might see older purists turned off, but it’s a tight rope General Motors is willing to walk as it tries to bridge a generation.

The eighth generation Corvette, or C8, features other significant changes. The engine is now transplanted to the middle of the car, following in the footsteps of the Ferrari F8 Tributo or McLaren 720S. “It’s the Corvette version of a supercar that we always wanted to see,” GM President Mark Reuss said. Still called the “Stingray,” the C8’s exterior remains familiar, continuing with previous lines.

While the exact price hasn’t been disclosed yet, Reuss said the Stingray model will start at around $60,000 in the U.S. You can reserve a model via Chevrolet’s new online reservation program.

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