We stopped by the Côte&Ciel London showroom yesterday to take a look at two new models soon to arrive on shelves. First up , The Nile, a remixed version of the popular Isar rucksack that combines contemporary design with ergonomic build and soft touch materials for a comfortable fit. The brand describes its unusual form as a "fluid construction" creating "a primordial biomorphic or invertebrate shape that molds to the body." Available in four colorways inspired by minerals and rock forms, Feldspath waxed canvas, Granite textured cotton, Basalt water repellant Eco Yarn fabric and Obisidian water resistant polyester, a pack with a cleverly concealed hood, are your four spot-on choices. If you're covered backpack-wise, Côte&Ciel offer an alternative in the form of The Loire, a weekend bag "inspired by duffel bags and the robust and no-nonsense medical cases carried by travelling doctors." Room enough to accommodate all you'd need for a short trip, the holdall also contains a 13” laptop slot, the entire bag designed to distribute weight evenly and hold up to the rigours of travel. Available in Feldspath waxed cotton and a Granite canvas featuring a subtle military disruptive pattern, find both newcomers online and see more in the gallery.

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