couros young ep

The producer Couros immediately caught our attention with the release of “Young” earlier this year, a smashing follow-up to his Jupiter EP. It was a rapturous, psychedelic outing of a track, rich with texture and feeling. Now, the London-based artist has shared the full Young EP, making its world premiere below.

Couros spoke to Highsnobiety in an email discussing the new EP: “I really wanted to make something that was electronic but felt really honest, I didn’t want the overall sound to feel like it had been overthought. Trying to keep the mixes as close the demos as possible was the goal, I wanted to keep as many mistakes in as I could, have the songs just be instinctual. I think there’s real beauty in imperfection, not for the sake of it but because it’s where our identity really shows. It’s hard to get something mainly made on a laptop feel honest and human and this was the basis behind what inspired Young.”

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Senior Features Editor