With Akira expected to release in a live-action movie, Cowboy Bebop a popular 1998 Japanese anime series is now being adapted into a live-action TV show by Tomorrow Studios, a partnership between UK's ITV Studios and American producer Marty Adelstein according to Variety.

Cowboy Bebop takes place in 2071, roughly fifty years after an accident with a hyperspace gateway and has made the Earth almost uninhabitable. Humanity has colonized most of the rocky planets in the Solar System and amidst a rising crime rate, the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) sets up a legalized contract system, in which registered bounty hunters -- referred to as "Cowboys" capture criminals in return for a reward. Spike Spiegel and his gang of bounty hunters are the series' protagonists who are working from the spaceship "Bebop."

With the live action version to be executive produced by Japanese studio Sunrise Inc., the same studio responsible for the original animated series — screenwriter Christopher Yost will also be on board for the adaptation.

Cowboy Bebop has been successful in the United States as it became the first anime title to be broadcast on Adult Swim and it also received its first feature film in 2001 with Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, which received mostly positive reviews from critics.

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