C.P. Company Red Toffee Wrapper Goggle Jacket
C.P. Company

After two plus years of constructing this post every week with the content of others, Highsnobiety’s team of product curators has handed over the controls to yours truly. For the second time now, I’ve been given the opportunity to select 15 of this week’s best products. Judging by the feedback on my last roundup, I pulled in the proverbial reins a little to present a selection of goods that is, what many would deem, “more wearable.”

This week, I wanted to give my selection a small purpose. For some time now, I have been intrigued by people’s use of the s-word… “Sustainability;” that murky, hard-to-define idea, with no single solution. What became increasingly apparent to me, and you too if you have been keeping tabs on it, is that if we are to move towards a more sustainable consumption model, change must be pioneered by both the manufacturer and consumer. To this, I tried to select a range of wares that will only get better with age, and with the proper care, last you a lifetime — apart from the incense sticks maybe. Doing away with fast fashion is one small step in the right direction, and consumers committing to only buying products that really excite them, is yet another.

Without further ado, scroll through my selection below to shop the C.P. Company Outline Goggle Jacket and more of this week’s best drops.

C.P. Company Outline Goggle Jacket

Outline Goggle Jacket

C.P. Company


If you, like me, are still mad that you don’t own a Stone Island Glazed Silk “Toffee Wrapper” Jacket, then this season’s C.P. Company Outline Goggle Jacket in “Scooter Red” might be an adequate compensation. The brand’s new Outline fabric and innovative rip-stop build promise to withstand even the harshest of conditions, with a hydrophobic Primaloft lining keeping the wearer perfectly warm.

Stone Island 11435 Lamy Flock

11435 Lamy Flock

Stone Island


When it comes to overshirts, no brand quite measures up to the prowess of Italian powerhouse, Stone Island. The design’s polyamide shell forms a lightweight layering piece, with contrast piping and large angular chest pockets expertly tying the silhouette together.

Marni Striped Knitted Sweater

Striped Knitted Sweater



Ignore the price point for just a moment, and marvel at the beauty of this piece. Conceived in the weird and wonderful world of Marni, the Striped Knitted Sweater is a skillful balance of color, fit, and texture. Despite many of the brand’s pieces falling victim to skepticism on first sight, they always reveal themselves as pioneering designs seasons later.

Engineered Garments Work Shirt

Work Shirt

Engineered Garments


Now, for those who know me, know that I am an advocate for all things Engineered Garments. And if you’re looking to invest in enduring design, look no further than pieces like its Work Shirt. Cut similar to its mainline BD models, the Work Shirt features a swooping hem and asymmetric patch pockets over the chest.


LS T-Shirt Green



AFFIX — helmed by Kiko Kostadinov, MACKINTOSH head designer Taro Ray, and creative consultant Stephen Mann — is an amalgamation of the ideas of some of the industry’s foremost thinkers. Hard-wearing T-shirts like this one will serve you well for years as opposed to mere months.

nanamica Down Vest

Down Vest



With horizontal stitching and little contrast, I feel most down vests come out of a single machine nowadays. This particular release from nanamica however is a much-needed departure from this ideal, with diagonal lines and contrasting piping.

Our Legacy Vast Cut Cord

Vast Cut Cord

Our Legacy


With winter coming in paradoxically “hot” for millions around the world, thick corduroy is a top choice for all those looking to brave the cold weather in style. These vast-cut pants from Our Legacy are a perfect example of how to combine bold textures with equally bold cuts.

Needles Boot Cut Track Pants

Boot Cut Track Pants



As this week saw our style editors Graeme and Max discussing the ins-and-outs of bootcut jeans, I saw fitting to include these. The Boot Cut Track Pants from Needles are the ultimate meeting of worlds… on one side you have what I imagine to be a cowboy out on the planes, and on the other side, a staple of the ’90s rave scene.

Marni Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers



These Penny Loafers are testament to how effortlessly Marni can transform such heavily-iterated designs. A stacked sole adds texture to the shoe’s patent leather upper, with a squared toe contributing an edge of much-needed weirdness. The design’s metallic detailing is also a subtle nod to its grungier beginnings.

Paraboot Michael Shoe

Michael Shoe



Paraboot’s Michael Shoe is arguably one of its most recognizable designs. First introduced in 1945, the silhouette stresses the importance of timelessness, with this season’s daring cow hide-inspired finish proving there isn’t much you can’t do when the foundational design is, quote-unquote, “perfect.”

adidas Consortium Novaturbo H6100LT “Gardening Club”