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On this week’s episode of Highsnobiety’s latest podcast, Why It’s Cool, we chart the transformation of Crocs from the practical footwear choice of chefs and nurses everywhere to the ironically cool slip-on beloved by Demna Gvasalia and plenty of others in the fashion industry.

Host Lia McGarrigle is joined by Crocs’ own Michelle Poole, Rob Cristofaro, and Treis Hill of Crocs collaborator Alife, and Brian Trunzo of trend forecaster WGSN to discuss all things related to the world’s coolest uncool thing.

Together they trace the Crocs brand’s nautical beginnings, mapping exactly how the shoe’s comfort and practicality won over legions of fans despite an almost universal agreement that the slip-on was the ugliest shoe ever made – and at the same time show why fashion’s embrace of Crocs was almost inevitable.

Despite his personal revulsion toward Crocs, Trunzo explains how the brand’s rise fits into the ugly sneaker trend and how it reflects wider changes in how we see ourselves in society. Additionally, the Alife guys also break down how their Crocs collab was a “fuck you” to the streetwear market. Lastly, Poole explains that while Crocs knows full well you don’t like its shoes, it simply doesn’t care.

Listen to the full episode above and stay tuned for a new episode of Why It’s Cool next week.

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