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On this week’s episode of Why It’s Cool, we dive deep into the divine territory of crystals—and it’s as magical as you would imagine. Host Sydney Gore is joined by Vanessa Cuccia, Lisa Levine, Sadie Kadlec, Remington Guest, and Heather Haber. Together, we examine the effectiveness of crystals as an alternative healing method, the origins of their personal relationships with them, and how they all pivoted into making their careers revolve around these mystical materials.

During this episode, we also discuss the sudden emergence of crystals in the retail space and determine whether or not this is another passing trend. Is the hype all in our heads like the placebo effect? Guest and Haber weigh in on the fashion world’s recent embrace of crystals and elaborate on how Advisory Board Crystals aims to modernize forms of the practice as a lifestyle essential.

While the commercialization of crystals has rubbed many people the wrong way, all of these experts believe that the healing properties at the root of it all will overpower all the negative perceptions. In fact, Cuccia argues that crystals are a real form of magic that we can see, feel, and touch—a concept that she fully brings to life with Chakrubs.

Crystals have been integral to some cultures for hundreds of years and the benefits speak for themselves. As Kadlec explains while breaking down how she conducts her healing sessions at Maha Rose, crystals are powerful tools for internal work that open a portal into self-discovery. Furthermore, crystals serve as aids in our personal healing processes.

Listen to the full episode above and stay tuned for a new episode of Why It’s Cool next week.

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  • Host: Sydney Gore
  • Special Thanks: Vanessa Cuccia, Lisa Levine, Sadie Kadlec, Remington Guest, Heather Haber
Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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