Did you know James Franco, modern Renaissance man, is also in a band? Now you do. Daddy is a dynamic duo consisting of the multi-hyphenate Franco and his pal Tim O’Keefe, a New York-based composer, sound artist and DJ. The self-proclaimed “visual music band” released their debut album and music film Let Me Get What I Want in 2016.

“You Are Mine” was the lead single off the full-length, and it’s now been remixed by B. Trust. To celebrate, Daddy have enlisted filmmaker Zheng Lu Xinyuan to create visuals for the track. Xinyuan sets the energetic sounds of the remix to dreamy, neon-hued clips, many shot on her iPhone. Although the song was born in the USA, Xinyuan took inspiration from her current home of Hanzhou for the music video, as she explained to us via email:

“I listened to this song, walking in the streets. I looked around, this place I called home has changed a lot since I was here 4 years ago. It is a bit surreal when VPNs are dying and the continent, the people, the food, the little pieces of life on the other side of the Pacific Ocean show up in my dreams. The lyrics of the song started to take on a different meaning for me. For example, the power dynamics in a romance and in everything else. The song is personal but also universal, it echoes with the longing, the lying, the illusions and the desperation.”

Band member Tim O’Keefe was impressed with B. Trust’s re-imagining of “You Are Mine”: “B. Trust’s remix took the original track and made it more driving, darker, and modern. His remix is reminiscent of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ with bits of Rex The Dog thrown in for good measure. Both artists I adore, so I was quite happy with his remix.”

Watch and listen for yourself in our exclusive premiere of B. Trust’s “You Are Mine” remix above, and listen to Daddy’s Let Me Get What I Want below.

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