Las Vegas’s Palms Casino Resort is slated to open its new megaclub KAOS, this weekend, as part of the company's $690 million renovation. It's a 100,000-square-foot, multi-level dayclub and nightclub that boasts a massive glass wall-operable door dividing indoor and outdoor spaces, alongside a DJ booth that rotates 360 degrees, with a supplemental dome cover, making it a must-see club destination year-round.

Aside from its impressive size, the venue's other notable highlight is the massive headless 60-foot bronze sculpture "Demon With Bowl," by Damien Hirst. The piece was constructed back in 2014 and was acquired by the casino as one of its latest outlandish attractions. The sculpture is placed on the center of one of the pools in the resort, alongside another of Hirst's works with the 23-foot tall sculpture, "The Warrior and the Bear." Both statues were seen in Venice during the artist’s 2017 blockbuster exhibition, Treasures From the Wreck of the Unbelievable.

Hirst's signature sculptures aren't the only trademark pieces evident in the resort, as for a cool $1 million, visitors to KAOS will be treated to a deluxe Hirst experience, including three nights in the artist’s “Empathy Suite” penthouse, touted as the most expensive in the world (two-night stay is $200,000), along with receiving large bottles of Dom Perignon and Ace of Spades, a private tour of the Palms champagne vault and more.

The grand opening weekend of KAOS begins April 5 until April 7, and will include special performances by Alicia Keys, Marshmello, Cardi B, Travis Scott and more. Head over to KOAS' website now for additional details.

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