A new exhibition of Damien Hirst's works is due to come to the historic Houghton Hall in Norfolk this March, featuring the English artist's new series of spot paintings.

The Colour Space works, two of which are featured above, are a couple of the brand-new paintings that are a development on the artist’s famous Spot Paintings of the 1980s and '90s, which are among his most recognized works. In addition, the exhibition will also include some of Hirst’s most celebrated sculptures which will be installed throughout Houghton Hall and its garden.

The contemporary works have been described by Ann Gallagher, the director of collections of British Art at Tate, as: "encompass[ing] a midpoint between the systematic and the painterly, the rational and the expressive in his work." In short, they appear to be more organic than the mechanical aesthetic of the original Spot Paintings.

Damien Hirst's forthcoming exhibition at Houghton Hall will begin on Sunday, March 25 until Sunday, July 15, 2018.

For a further look and additional details, be sure to read the fully story at The Guardian.

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