Daniel Arsham returns with the latest delivery from his Future Relic series, here in the form of a rather intriguing movie trailer. The clip is unique in that it is for an imaginary film set in 2089.

Mahershala Ali and Juliette Lewis star in the preview, which finds Arsham further inquiring about the fate of humanity.

“Future Relic began as an experiment and a way to think about how I would make films related to my art practice,” says Arsham. “I have been making works for many years that replicate objects from our present as if they were uncovered on some future archeological site. These objects create breaks in time and they expand and collapse it by bringing us outside of our current moment.”

He then went on to add: “I’m always thinking about the future, and decided to create a trailer for this film that would encapsulate the total idea of it. The trailer itself is a kind of artwork collapsing time again, in that it’s a trailer for a film that will be released in 71 years.”

Press play below for the latest surrounding Future Relic, then follow on to NOWNESS for more.

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