After getting a glimpse at various excerpts, during which he puked frogs in front of Drake and further freaked out Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, David Blaine's full ABC special, Beyond Magic, is now here.

The picture aired last night on the major television network, as the 43-year-old magician performed in front of a slew of celebrity onlookers ranging from Drake and Stephen Curry to Dave Chappelle, David Beckham, Emma Stone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others. As expected, each viewer had their own bewildered reaction, while Blaine unleashed various new tricks and illusions.

All in all, the ABC feature took two years to complete, as it is chock full of street magic, jaw-dropping stunts and much more.

Some of the standout tricks from Beyond Magic include the aforementioned puking frogs, catching a bullet with his teeth, a FaceTimed card trick with Jennifer Lawrence, and mind games with Margot Robbie.

To see the full 42-minute special, press play above.

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