David Blaine’s tricks are a thing of pure wonder – which is why he’s one of our time’s undisputed magic greats. While Scott Vener and Pharrell’s OTHERtone usually features guests from the music industry, this special episode featured a surprising twist when Blaine appeared alongside astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

One of the most surprising developments during the episode was the feature of David Blaine’s classic ice pick trick, where he literally sticks an ice pick through his hand – and comes out virtually unscathed. However, you can leave it to Neil DeGrasse Tyson and his genius to deconstruct how the trick works which goes to show that the guest pairing really was a dynamic selection.

If the video above makes you want to see more from the episode, be sure to check out the additional clips below for more mind-blowing antics.

Words by Marcus Cho