Almost 25 years since it was last on air, Twin Peaks is returning this summer. To learn more about the man behind it all, GQ ran a profile on the legendary filmmaker David Lynch.

For the in-depth article, GQ spoke to a host of Lynch’s contemporaries about their relationship with the icon, including original Twin Peaks stars Kyle MacLachlan and Sherilyn Fenn, and newcomers Michael Cera and Sky Ferreira.

Of course, it also spoke to the man himself. Check out our favorite Lynch quotes from the interview below, then head over to GQ to read in full.

On adding new actors into his universe 

“It’s their fate.”

On the meaning of life

"They say the purpose of life is the expansion of happiness—beautiful description of what it’s all about. It’s real simple. We’re not meant to suffer. We’re meant to be blissful and enjoy life and enjoy all diversity.”"

On treating his actors well

“A lot of businesses are run on fear, and I think it’s really bad. People live in fear, and they carry that stress home. Their wife or husband feels that. The little kids trembling, worried that the father’s worried or mother’s worried. I think it’s money in the bank to get a good feeling going in the world.”

On his inspiration

“The full potential of a human being is unbounded consciousness. But if the conscious mind is fairly small, your ideas could be bubbling up, but you don’t know ’em until they enter the conscious mind.

“And that’s why in the cartoons they have a lightbulb going off. Boom! You see it. You just caught it. It’s beautiful!”

On his cult status

“I’m a regular person,” David Lynch says. “I do regular things.”


To get you even more excited for the Twin Peaks revival, listen to this playlist made by Agent Cooper himself.

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