New York photographer David "Vades" Joseph is back with another stunning photo set, this time depicting the serene culture and heritage of Antigua.

Vades has called Antigua his true home his entire life. He says being of Antiguan descent has played an integral role in his upbringing and childhood, spending countless summers visiting his family on the island.

"In 2007 I began losing several of my relatives," he says. "After burying my family, I began photographing the island as a celebration and tribute to Caribbean life, in an effort to reconnect with my roots and, more importantly, to spend more time with my family who are still there."

Influenced by 17th-19th century paintings, the photographs are created with sense of serenity that Vades believes best describes the place so dear to his heart. "I present to the viewer my window of the diaspora in heart of the Caribbean," he adds. Check out the photo set above.

In other news, your Facebook feed is about to change drastically.

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