dejot troy snake premiere Moonchild Sanelly

Even a cursory knowledge of music that has emerged from South Africa would point to the unbridled joy that often characterizes its sound. For his upcoming album Uhujano, experimental electronica producer Dejot recorded in the heart of Johannesburg for an inspired fusion of local sonic touch-points with techno, pop, and R&B.

On three separate tracks, Dejot enlisted the aid of Moonchild Sanelly, a South African artist fresh from working with the likes of Die Antwoord and Gorillaz. Their chemistry is undeniable, exemplified on a song such as “Troy Snake,” making its premiere right here on Highsnobiety Music. Take a listen below.

Speaking on the collaborative track, Dejot told Highsnobiety that “I met Moonchild at Tshepang Ramoba’s studio back in 2016 and showed her a couple of musical ideas, she got so excited she wanted to record immediately! We recorded a bunch of tracks in two sessions, there were a lot of people hanging out at the studio. Fortune Shumba and Tshepang from the BLK JKS were there, and we had lots of fun. Moon had so many ideas that at times it was hard keeping up with her. I couldn’t get this chorus out of my head for days. And this is one of the very few tracks that didn’t change much in production, others mutated as I worked on them. The only thing that I added to it was the a field recording of a blinker from Molefi’s [of BLK JKS] car.”

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Senior Features Editor