2016 has been one big parade of breakout rappers, but few have been as strangely appealing as Rich Chigga. Chigga (alias Brian Imanuel) was a Vine comedian who suddenly became one of the most legit players in the game with the release of “Dat $tick,” an unabashedly hard as fuck ode to being hard as fuck.

And in the months since going viral, the 16-year-old wunderkind is now getting the respect of the industry’s best. As in, Ghostface Killah, Desiigner, Cam’ron are now among his biggest fans, as evidenced by this reaction video showing their first viewing of the Chigga.

These rappers (in addition to even more rappers like Flatbush Zombies and GoldLink) are all filmed in a video interview experiencing the glory of Rich Chigga for the first time. Naturally, they’re enthralled. Ghostface is stunned into awestruck head-nodding, while GoldLink is quick to praise Chigga’s fanny-pack fashion.

Desiigner even displays the kind of dance moves one reserves for a wedding after a third round. All of them are a little too shocked to comprehend how a high school kid can “kill 70% of Americans” with his spitting skills, but not a single one dares to knock him; they know that Chigga means business when it comes to his $tick, and not one of us can stand in his way.

Watch the full reaction video above, and stay tuned to see where Chigga goes next.

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