Christmas has come early for Pokémon fans and it's all thanks to Warner Bros. and Ryan Reynolds, the star of the studio's upcoming Detective Pikachu — or at least, that's how things seemed at first.

Before Detective Pikachu's official release date this Friday, it looked like the entire movie had leaked online. On Tuesday night, Reynolds took to Twitter to flag up a video posted on YouTube claiming to be the new movie in full. The actor retweeted the link from an account named @InspectrPikachu, adding "Um.... Attn @DetPikachuMovie @warnerbros."

Check out Reynolds' tweet below.

With a runtime of one hour 42 minutes and carrying a "R. Reynolds" watermark, the first minute of the video looks legit, so much so that many were convinced this was an actual leak. Or at least they would have been had the remaining 101 minutes not just been the same clip of Pikachu dancing playing on a loop.

Watch the genius trolling in action below.

The actual Detective Pikachu will land in theaters on May 10.

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